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Even prior to it used to be pointed out as a technological know-how and given a reputation, nanotechnology used to be the province of the main cutting edge inventors. In medieval occasions, craftsmen, ingeniously utilizing nanometer-sized gold debris, created the spell binding pink colors present in the gold ruby glass of cathedral home windows. this day, nanomaterials are being simply as creatively used to enhance previous items, in addition to herald new ones.

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And its referent is here explicitly England and English historiography, by which yardstick Welsh historiography, if not Wales itself, is implicitly deemed to have failed. England has long been a presence, shadowy or explicit, in the historiographies of Ireland and Wales, and rarely without some implicit or explicit idea of value. 13 Davies’s denigration is arguably far more a critique of Welsh historiography, Orpen’s of Ireland itself. But the picture of England, and the English historiography that has produced it, are, in each case, arguably unexamined.

Gillingham, The English in the Twelfth Century: Imperialism, National Identity and Political Values (Woodbridge, 2000), pp. 3–18. , “The construction of the early Scottish state,” in J. R. Maddicott and D. M. ), The Medieval State: Essays Presented to James Campbell (London, 2000), pp. 47–71. Hammond, M. , “Ethnicity and the writing of medieval Scottish history,” Scottish Historical Review, 85: 1, no. 219 (2006), 1–27. Hen, Y. , Uses of the Past in the Early Middle Ages (Cambridge, 2000). , “Sea-divided Gaels?

Women’s history has its own historiography, and one which, inevitably, tells as much about the periods that produced it as about the experience of early medieval women. During and after the Enlightenment, “the condition of women” was seen as an important marker of civilization. 35 This is, in fact, an interesting example not so much of women’s history as of gender history. Women were often used “to think with”; their significance was symbolic: it signified things quite other than the experience of women themselves.

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