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Nanomaterials Handbook

Even sooner than it was once pointed out as a technology and given a reputation, nanotechnology used to be the province of the main cutting edge inventors. In medieval occasions, craftsmen, ingeniously applying nanometer-sized gold debris, created the enthralling pink shades present in the gold ruby glass of cathedral home windows. this day, nanomaterials are being simply as creatively used to enhance previous items, in addition to bring in new ones.

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In 2004, this system produced 150,000 approved SOP pages that traveled 6,200 miles across the command. 7% reduction in document travel. About 1,110 hours were saved per year across the station. com Research and development Underwater warhead research modeling rapid improvement event (RIE)—This RIE proved there was a lack of effective, user friendly knowledge management that caused much rework due to rerunning models. The RIE team defined four major areas in which the team’s unique knowledge, using simple web based repositories, could be shared and captured.

2. checklists not only include the questions 3. Documentation. The best audit to ask and space to document the findings, 3. but they also provide areas for comments and information about the samples select- 4. ed and documents reviewed. In fact, a well-constructed checklist will 5. also guide the auditor through how to verify 6. the response by providing defined areas for the objective evidence to be examined. A ❏ Previous audit results of this process. good checklist will also allow a subsequent auditor to see what was not evaluated, as well as what was reviewed.

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