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1 m 2_kl s ( s - - 1)J ~ n ]/2ef[ e s

A,) ) tt < ]/2E[(xt + x2 + . . - k x,) -- (a~ + az + ... + an)]2 < t2 = I(q, t2). 5. A complex homogeneous chain of events whose probabilities depend on the outcomes of two previous trials [24, p. 429]. MAgrCov proved the CLT and showed (p. I trials. 6. , by various randomly changing compositions of the urns) [25]. , P(C/C) and P(W/A), P(W/B), P(W/C), derived the CLT for the number of occurrences of W in an infinitely large number of trials (p. 445). He did not consider special trivial cases.

1AN, t. 1, No. 16, 1907, 707-714, in Russian. 18. Sur quelques cas du th6or6me sur la limite de probabilit6. 1AN, t. 2, No. 6, 1908, 483-496, in Russian. 19. L'extension des th6or~mes timites du calcul des probabilit6s, etc. (1908) [47, pp. 363397], in Russian. 20. Recherches sur le cas g6n6ral d'6preuves li6es en chaine (1910) [47, pp. 465-507], in Russian. 21. Calculus o f finite differences. Odessa, 1910. Second ed. In Russian. 22. Sur les valeurs li6es qui ne forment pas une chalne v6ritable (1911) [47, pp.

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