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By Dwight Goddard

An creation to Zen Buddhism.

Published via Beacon Press, fifth printing, 1996.

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In exactly the same way does the monk behold all the bodily forms, feelings, perceptions, mental formations and states of consciousness—whether they be of the past, or the present, or the future, far or near. And he watches them and examines them carefully, and, after carefully examin­ ing them, they appear to him as empty, void and without an Ego. 21 (3) ) Whoso delights in bodily form, or feeling, or per­ ception, or mental formations, or consciousness, he delights in suffering; and whoso delights in suffering will not be freed from suffering.

2. Whenever the disciple is training himself to inhale or ex­ hale (a) whilst feeling, rapture, or (b) joy, or (c) the mental functions, or (d) whilst calming down the mental functions—at such a time he is dwelling in contemplation of the feelings, full of energy, clearly conscious, attentive after subduing worldly greed and grief. For, the full awareness of in- and outbreathing I call one amongst the feelings. 3. Whenever the disciple is training himself to inhale or ex­ hale (a) whilst feeling the mind, or (b) whilst gladdening the mind, or (c) whilst concentrating the mind, or (d) whilst set­ ting the mind free—at such a time he is dwelling in contem­ plation of the mind, full of energy, clearly conscious, attentive, after subduing worldly greed and grief.

12) In this respect one may rightly say of me, that I teach annihilation, that I propound my doctrine for the pur­ pose of annihilation, and that I herein train my disciples. For, 42 SELECTIONS FROM PALI SOURCES certainly, I teach annihilation,—the annihilation namely of greed, anger and delusion, as well as of the manifold evil and demeritorious things. 22) What now is Right Mindedness? 1. T h e thought free from lust. 2. T h e thought free from ill-will. 3. T h e thought free from cruelty. This is called right mindedness.

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