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It includes etymological roots and the meanings of phrases primary to epistemology, metaphysics, and useful teachings of the heterodox and orthodox colleges of Indian philosophy. Cross-referncing has been supplied and diverse charts are incorporated that supply information about relationships, different types, and sourcebooks suitable to the person colleges. This new and revised 3rd version provides a finished dictionary of Indian philosophical phrases, supplying the phrases in either devanagari and roman transliteration besides an English translation. It bargains specific meanings of phrases used as technical phrases inside specific philosophical structures.

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These two forms of certainty are not thought by Wittgenstein to rest on some fundamental principles found in mathematics that are lacking in psychology. Rather, they rest on the fundamental differences between the two different languagegames. Even in mathematics a teacher’s ability to formulate his teaching in clear principles and definitions will come to an end. At best, the teacher will be able to exhibit his own mastery by showing how to calculate. So, for example, if I wish to teach my student the meaning of the formula “X + 1 = Y,” I will be able to show what that means by solving the formula for various numbers until the novice is able to solve them himself.

Given the similarity of their basic approaches, it should be no surprise to find Confucius, like Wittgenstein, being pressed to reveal his own hidden teaching while he denies that there is anything he is holding back: 子曰:二三子以我為隱乎. 吾無隱乎爾. 是丘也. Do several among you consider me to hide something from you? Actually I don’t hide anything. I have no conduct that I don’t share with you. 87 To a novice, something deep can seem left out, but if all the Master offers is mastery of a practice, then there is nothing hidden beyond that.

Introduction 31 Youzi said, among the uses of ritual action, harmony is most important. The Way of the first kings because of this was most graceful. In matters small and large, they followed this. 77 This key passage distinguishes between two approaches to harmony, one that seeks it for its own sake and one that seeks it as interconnected with ritual propriety. I take practices of ritual propriety to be bedrock practices, exhibiting dao, the norms of interpersonal engagement.

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