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By Hugo Buhthal and Otto Kurz

First version, this being the author's annotated interleaved reproduction. Correspondence among the authors and numerous museums are loosely inserted. stories of the Warburg Institute, vol. 12. Edited via Fritz Saxl. Catalogue of 555 jap Christian illuminated manuscripts, with chapters dedicated to Syriac, Arabic, Coptic, Nubian, Ethiopian, Armenian, and Georgian manuscripts. contains record of usually mentioned books and articles. one hundred twenty pages. fabric with paper backbone label. huge 8vo..

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Bigay-kaya, dote. Endurance, n. [endiúrans] Duracion; paciencia, sufrimiento. Pagmamatigas; pagtitiis, pagbabatá. Endure, v. [endiúr] Sufrir, soportar, aguantar. Magmatigas, magbatá, magtiis. 37 Diccionario Ingles-Español-Tagalog, Part II Endways, adv. [éndwes] De punta, derecho. Twid, patulóy. Enemy, n. [énimi] Enemigo. Kaaway, kaalit, kalaban, kagalit, katalo. Energetic, adj. [enœrdchétic] Enérgico, vigoroso. Buháy ang loob, magilas. Energy, n. [énœrdchi] Energía, vigor. Kabuhayan ng̃ loob, kagilasan, gilas.

Matwâ, magalak; magtaglay, magtamó, magkamít. Enjoyment, n. [endchóiment] Placer; goce, disfrute. Twâ, galak; taglay, tamó, kamít. Enlarge, v. [enlárdch] Engrandecer, dilatar [se], extender [se]. Lumakí, magpalakí, humabà, magpahabà, dumami, magparami. Enlargement, n. [enlárdchment] Aumento, ampliacion. Pagdaragdag, pagpapalakí. Enlighten, v. [enláiten] Alumbrar, iluminar; instruir. Liwanagan, turuan. Enlightenment, n. [enláitnment] Ilustracion, instruccion. Pagpapaliwanag, pagtuturò. Enlist, v.

Kakatwà; layò, agwat. Estuary, n. [éschiueri] Brazo de mar. Wawà. Etch, v. [etch] Grabar al agua fuerte. Lumilok sa metal. Etching, n. [éching] Grabado hecho al agua fuerte. Paglilok sa metal. Eternal, adj. [itérnal] Eterno, inmortal. Magpakaylan man, walang hanggan. Eternally, adv. [itérnali] Eternamente. Sa tanang panahon, sa boong panahon. Eternity, n. [itérniti] Eternidad. Pagkakaylan man, pagkawalang hanggan. 60 Diccionario Ingles-Español-Tagalog, Part II Ether, n. [ízær] Eter. Eter. Ethereal, adj.

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