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By Maurice FitzGerald Scott

Conventional monetary theories clarify the extent and progress of output through 3 major variables: employment, the capital inventory, and technical growth. This booklet offers a huge new idea of monetary progress and is the reason adjustments in output over a given interval and makes use of merely employment progress and fee of funding because the major explanatory variables. the writer additionally demonstrates how this idea can be utilized to provide an explanation for why progress premiums vary among various international locations and sessions, and why stocks of wages and earnings fluctuate.

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By contrast, uneven rates of taxation on investment could reduce the long-term rate of growth. 7. OECD estimates of marginal effective tax rates on wages in twenty-one member countries in 1983 show that they varied from 40 to 73 per cent for the average production worker in manufacturing. 8. Marginal effective tax rates on saving in the USA and the UK in 1960, 1970, and 1980, based on King and Fullerton's study, but with different formulae (explained in Appendix C to the chapter), show that they varied widely depending on the asset, industry, and sector providing the savings.

Both rates of return and depreciation ratios were much higher in the years following the Second World War than in the earlier years of the present century. 5. Comparisons are made for the post-Second World War years of the above rates of return and depreciation ratios in the USA and the UK with those derived from conventional estimates using the perpetual inventory method and (for the rate of return) the ratio of net profits to net capital stock. The conventional rates of return and depreciation ratios are appreciably lower, especially for the UK, and various explanations of this are given.

There was only rather weak evidence for diminishing returns to s or for significant differences between countries. There was, however, strong evidence that ϱ increased markedly after the Second World War, and weaker evidence that it also increased after the First World War. ‘Catch-up’ was quite significant, but only after the Second World War. 6. A constant added to the equation to allow for separate ‘technical progress’ was negative and insignificantly different from zero. An equation of the form was also fitted, allowing for shifts in a from before to after the Second xl SUMMARY World War, and for catch-up.

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