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By Luther Pfahler Eisenhart

Created specially for graduate scholars, this introductory treatise on differential geometry has been a hugely winning textbook for a few years. Its surprisingly distinctive and urban method contains a thorough rationalization of the geometry of curves and surfaces, focusing on difficulties that might be so much precious to scholars. 1909 edition.

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Since the point 1 condition that the point l ( 0, TJ M = d% = 0. And since M tends to move at axis, Brj = 0. Now equations (82) reduce to have d% this l }Ll-, ds p (96) From the second we ds see that k is right angles to 5--*. ds r vO, > a constant. Moreover, M if co denotes makes with the tangent at M, the angle which the tangent at l of first and third these equations, we have, from the tan co 8? = = -^r or Sf sin cos co co (97) kp T (k p) sin co k We have seen ( 11) that according as r is positive or negative, near the osculating plane to a curve at a point cuts the below or above the osculating plane at M.

Curve 4. y = The locus is Find the radii of a cos 2 it, z construction. 5. of the center of curvature of a curve is an evolute only when the plane. and second curvature of the curve x = a sin u cos w, is spherical, and give a geometrical first = asinw. Show that the curve Find its evolutes. Derive the properties of Bertrand curves ( 10) without the use of the moving trihedral. 6. Find the involutes and evolutes of the twisted cubic. 7. Determine whether there is a curve whose bmormals are the binormals of a second curve.

The coordinates of the point MI of the curve with reference to the axes at are a, 0, (i) 0. In this case equations (82) reduce to ^-l^ds~ ds~ a P ^ds~ M CURVES IN SPACE 34 Hence denotes the length of arc of C\ from the point corresponding to if Si s = on C, we have of the tangent to Ci with reference to the and the direction-cosines moving axes iven b are given by 7 Hence the tangent to Ci Va2 4- p2 a2 + is parallel to the osculating plane at the corresponding p 2 point of C. i By means of (40) the binormal we derive the following expressions for the direction-cosines of : r (a 2 + r (a 2 2 p )^ + ft2 2 p )^ > + ?

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