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No matter if we're choosing it up, or paying it out; if it is mendacity inert, coil upon coil, within the tanks like a few nice gorged anaconda, or gliding alongside the propelling equipment into another tank, or off into the ocean at our bow or stern; no matter if the dynamometer indicates its stress to be nice or small; even if we're grappling for it, or underrunning it; if it is a shore finish to be landed, or a deep-sea splice to be made, the cable is bound to advance such a lot alarming indicators, and a few discovered health care professional needs to continuously sit down within the testing-room, his finger at the cable's pulse, taking its temperature now and then as though it have been a fractious baby with a foul assault of measles, the eruption thus being faults or breaks or leakages or kinks. [C:\Users\Microsoft\Documents\Calibre Library]

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But to return to the datto. On the morning of his visit to the Burnside he wore a white "Americano" suit and white shoes, as, indeed, did most of his followers, one of the men topping off this very conventional attire with a magnificent red, green, and purple turban which he did not once remove while aboard ship. The headgear of the Moros consists entirely of turbans, fezes, or soft tam-o'-shanters, the latter a compromise, I fancy, between the hats of civilization and the head-covering demanded by the Moslem religion.

It seems that the post assigned to this officer's battalion was at Davao, in the southeastern part of the island, a wild and seldom visited country, whose inhabitants consist of a curious mixture of Christians, Mohammedans, and Pagans. In the mountains surrounding the town live numerous Pagan tribes, all speaking different dialects, and wild as the country itself. Having occasion to make a reconnoissance trip in this territory, the officer and his escort stopped overnight in a little village of Bogobos, whose chief did the honours with a savage dignity.

So it was with light hearts that we sailed for Cebu, on the island of Cebu, where we were to coal, picking up our giant buoys as we went. Chapter VI 31 Chapter VI CEBU Early the next morning we sailed into Cebu harbour, and found it alive with ships of all sorts and conditions. From the sea there is nothing picturesque about the town. It is a grimy, dirty place that might be located anywhere in the world, with huge warehouses and rows of squat, ugly buildings near the shore, and in the distance, over the gray walls of the inevitable fort, church spires and green tree tops intermingle under a burning sky.

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