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By Samer Akkach

During this exact examine a key determine within the Islamic enlightenment, Samer Akkach examines the lifestyles and works of 'Abd al-Ghani al-Nabulusi (1641-1731) of Damascus: a modern of many significant thinkers, scientists, poets, and philosophers of the ecu Enlightenment. frequently characterised exclusively as a Sufi saint, his concept and teachings have been of a much broader remit. via a clean interpreting of his unpublished biographical assets and massive physique of quite often unpublished works, Akkach examines early expressions of rationalism between Arab and Turkish students, and argues that 'Abd al-Ghani helped usher in the start of modernity within the Arab global.

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This is more likely to be so for four reasons. First, the earliest biographical account,written during ‘Abd al-Ghani’s life,does not mention the seven-year retreat. Third, his biographies suggest that he was becoming disenchanted, temperamental, and reclusive even before al-Khiyari’s visit, but that he intermittently remained in contact with people and disciples. In 1675, for instance, his disciple Muhammad al-Ka‘ki enraged him by an inappropriate citation that resulted in him dismissing his class and abandoning his disciples for months.

The Ottoman state, like other Islamic states, rested on the principle of absolute authority vested in the Sultan, who also held the title of Caliph from the sixteenth century onward. The Ottomans established a central government in Istanbul responsible for maintaining law and order throughout the empire. Arabic was the language of the Qur’an and prophetic traditions, which were the central texts of religious sciences. Most distinguished scholars were trilingual, fluent in Arabic,Turkish and Persian, the main languages of literary production.

They continued to bad-mouth him, to make up reasons for his seclusion, and to accuse him of failing to observe his religious duties. “Many scholars of his time from the outward jurists of Damascus,” wrote his disciple al-Baytamani, “opposed him in his career and sought to stop him from speaking about the science of truth” (Mashrab, 24). There is no truth in the ill-thinking of him from some suspicious people with immature minds, who distrust the folks of God (Mashrab, 6). On several occasions,‘Abd al-Ghani revealed his bitter relationship with the people of Damascus, describing them as devious, envious, expedient, untrustworthy, and unenlightened hypocrites.

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