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By Christopher M Norris PhD MSc MCSP

Sensible instruction manual combines conventional chinese language and Western acupuncture with sleek physiotherapy thoughts. comprises illustrations and scientific counsel. remedy protocols also are incorporated. For pros attracted to the topic. Softcover. DNLM: Acupuncture issues.

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Fixed bi is especially aggravated by cloudy and wet weather re¯ecting the invasion of damp as the main pathogen with this condition. Numbness and heaviness in the limbs is a sign of damp, and the tongue coating is white and sticky while the pulse is soft. Damp is a yin factor (as with cold) and so pain is localised to individual joints. Heat bi involves several joints and pain is severe, usually presenting with limitation of movement. There is swelling in the joints and there may be some deformity.

The primary channel descends down the forearm between palmaris longus and ¯exor carpi radialis to PC-7 lying between the tendons of these two muscles at the wrist crease. The channel passes into the hand to PC-8 between the 2nd and 3rd metacarpals (at the tip of the middle ®nger when a loose ®st is formed) to terminate at PC-9 at the radial nail point of the middle ®nger. The pericardium luo-connecting channel begins at PC-6 (2 cun proximal to PC-7 at the wrist crease) and joins with the heart channel.

Pain type Indicating Distending Severe distension, but mild pain, moving from place to place. Indicates qi stagnation. Sharp and of fixed location, due to stagnation of blood. Pain and heaviness show the presence of damp, blocking qi and/or blood. Sign of sudden obstruction of qi by substantial pathogen. Spasmodic in nature and of short duration. Caused by wind and usually related to the liver. Burning together with a preference for cold. Due to invasion of collaterals by pathogenic heat, or excessive yang heat due to yin deficiency.

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