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Makes a speciality of professional-level JavaScript innovations, together with the newest advancements.

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Generally speaking, web surfers benefit most from JavaScript, because they have the opportunity to enjoy the language’s capabilities in the form of games, animation, interaction, and so forth. Netscape Communications benefited from JavaScript early on, because it gave them a competitive advantage over other web browsers. Now, however, both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator fully support JavaScript. Many other companies believe that they will benefit from JavaScript and its descendants.

Another example is , which causes the text to appear with a line through it, a strikethrough. The tags we have covered so far are enough to allow you to accomplish what you need in HTML. The last HTML command we are going to examine is

. You frequently see tables on web pages and they are a very good way to organize data on your web page. You can use the tables with or without a border. Here is how you create a table with a border:


Is a


With a border

By now you should be able to recognize that the and
tags actually contain the table.

Let’s refer once again to C++. Think of cout as a simple function you have written. h> // a directive to include the header file void main() { cout << "This is C++ programming" } JavaScript has the same structure, except that only one external file is supported. Here are some disadvantages of using an external file: n No back references. As mentioned above, JavaScript scripts are mainly driven by user-initiated events. A click on a button calls a function, a selection of a form element executes another function, and so on.

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