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By Ahmed Ammar MD., Ph.D. (auth.), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Christer Lindquist, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Douglas Kondziolka, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jay S. Loeffler (eds.)

Radiosurgery is a speedily constructing type of minimally invasive neurosurgery. chosen papers from the 1st assembly of the overseas Stereotactic Radiosurgery Society in Stockholm, June 1993, replicate present multidisciplinary techniques to tricky intracranial neurosurgical difficulties. Neurosurgeons, radiotherapists, oncologists, radiobiologists, physicists and representatives of numerous different medical disciplines tell concerning the state of the art of radiosurgical therapy of a mess of intracranial difficulties corresponding to arteriovenous malformations, pituitary and pineal tumors, vestibular schwannomas in addition to metastatic mind tumors and gliomas.

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Arakaki R, Gorden p, Oldfield EH, Glatstein E ([ 992) Persistent or recurrent acromegaly: long-term endocrinologic efficacy and neurologic safety of postsurgical radiation therapy. Cancer 69: 27[ -275 Howlett TA, Plowman PN, Wass JR, Rees LH, Jones AE, Bessner GM (1989) Megavoltage pituitary irradiation in the management ofCushing's disease and Nelson's syndrome: longterm follow-up. Clin Endocrinol 3[: 309-323 Kjellberg RN, Klimen B (1979) Lifetime effectiveness - a system of therapy for pituitary adenomas.

ACTH adrenocorticotrophic hormone; GH growth hormone. only 3 to 10 patients had normalization of hormone secretion. To better define the endocrine, ophthalmologic and tumor growth control responses of pituitary adenomas after stereotactic radiosurgery, we retrospectively reviewed our five year experience. PLU G PATTERN: P Viewod rom behind Methods and Materials Thirty-five patients (24 females and 11 males) with imaging, endocrinological, or surgical evidence of a pituitary adenoma underwent radiosurgery with the 201-source cobalt-60 gamma unit (Elekta Instruments, Atlanta, GA).

In II evaluable patients, the hormone response was normalized in 8, decreased in 2 and increased in 1. Five patients remained on cortisol suppression. Of 12 patients with imaging follow-up, 4 had decreased tumor size, 6 had no change, and 2 had an increase; these 2 patients underwent subsequent surgery. Ten patients had acromegaly, and 6 had undergone prior surgery. Of 8 evaluable patients, growth hormone secretion has normalized in 3, decreased in 3, and increased in 2. Six tumors decreased in size, and 2 were unchanged.

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