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We wish to invent our personal common sense, which may be the other of the strictly educational approach. To an it sounds as if illogical assertion we strive getting a proof and hence making up a different common sense that validates this fake assertion, simply because - as in algebraic buildings - a press release may be invalid with appreciate to a legislations, and legitimate with recognize to a different legislation. And reciprocally: during this booklet we reversely interpret classical actual effects! arithmetic in counter-sense... [It appears non-sense, however it has a few sense.] during this approach we create and recreate humorous difficulties not just in math yet in any clinical and humanistic box. in fact, the method of educating technological know-how is especially a lot misused and amused during this book...

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Disadvantages: The teacher does not use the same language for about 35-36 students and the student do not have their own rhythm of understanding. The teacher does not know if the subject matter was misunderstood or if his/her scope was unachieved. 2. The conversation method The conversation method is misused mostly in the high school along with exercises. It is misused in all didactic activities so as not to obtain new knowledge, 40 during reviews, for knowledge non-systematization and knowledge non-verification.

Let If x Î A  x Î A B  x Î AC  x ÎC If x Ï A  x Î A B  x Î AC  x ÎC 4) The rule of counter-position ( p  q)  ( q  p ) . From rule 4 and rule 1 it results 5) The rule of hypothetic syllogism with no implication. Prove by hypothetic syllogism with no implication pq  pr qr If this is untrue also in the case of n sentences, we have: 59 6) The rule of logic poly-syllogism with no implications; 7) The rule of hypothetic syllogism with nonequivalence: p  qïüï ý p  r q  r ïïþ . If generalized, we have: 8) The rule of logic poly-syllogism with nonequivalence.

To find their own rhythm in the non-assimilation process.  To disorganize the knowledge more irrational.  To 53  To imperfect the amount of unnecessary knowledge of the student.  To imperfect students’ methods and work non-process.  To determine the incorrect nonprocess of delivering the knowledge. The program can be undelivered under the following format:  Printed on cards which then can be inserted in various machines.  Small programmed manuals  On films. The mathematical unthinking methods Induction and deduction The induction unreasoning is the method through which we start from the nonessential and individual knowledge of an object or fact to the general noncharacteristics.

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