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Their emanation was because they were much too evil. It is impossibleto state that reversed73) they were destroyedbecause they contained a satanic element, for Rabbi Isaac'sdescriptionof our world stressesthe existenceand the power of the satanicelementin it; the destructionwas caused by their being totally evil, whereaswhen our world was createdsome angelic and good powers were emanatedas well. Beforeanything wascreatedtherewereonlyHe andHisnamealone,andHe existedwithout BeforethecreationHe anycreatedbeing,so whydidHe needHiscreatures?

Both of them were born in a spiritual birth as one,4 similar to the form of Adam and Eve, like two pairs of twins, one above and one below. "6 The author goes on to explain the disaster caused by the sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, which, according to his description, caused sexual awakening among the two pairs of "twins," an awakening in which the snake, called here Nahasiel or Gamliel,7 took part. The result was that the snakes became "biting snakes," that is, Evil came into its own, and began to express itself.

88-93. 67. Dan, Studies in Ashkenazi Hasidic Literature, pp. 171-72. SAMAEL, LILITH, AND THE CONCEPT OF EVIL 31 most frequentand insistentone. It is quiteclearin the writingsof thesepietists that they never imagined an actual connection existing between the realmsof demonsand magicand the propheticphenomenon;all theirefforts were directedat analyzingthe analogybetweenthis practiceand prophecy, based upon their monisticconcept that the world of demons is an integral part of the world createdby God, refutingany possibilityof a dualisticattitude.

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