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The aim of this publication is to illustrate that complicated numbers and geometry should be mixed jointly superbly. This ends up in effortless proofs and traditional generalizations of many theorems in airplane geometry, akin to the Napoleon theorem, the Ptolemy-Euler theorem, the Simson theorem, and the Morley theorem.

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Lyubich applies the same criterion to quadratic polynomials in [Lyu4]. D]. ) denotes the hyperbolic metric. The following result is due to Buser [Busl]. 18 (Collars for simple geodesics) T h e collar C ( a ) about a simple geodesic o n a hyperbolic surface is a n embedded annulus. If a and 0 are disjoint simple geodesics, t h e n C ( a ) and C(0) are disjoint. 9. 3. Distance between simple geodesics. Proof. rrl(X) be a hyperbolic isometry generating the stabilizer of ti. rrl(X) such that d(x, hx) < 2S(x) and h does not lie in the cyclic group generated by g.

If f i ( z ) = f j ( z ) for some i > j > 0 we say z is preperiodic. A periodic cycle A c is a finite set such that f A is a transitive permutation. The forward orbit of a periodic point is a periodic cycle. The multiplier of a point z of period p is the derivative ( f * ) ' ( z )of the first return map. The multiplier provides a first approximation to the local dynamics of fP. Accordingly, we say z is repelling indiflerent attracting superattracting if if if if I ( f p ) ' ( z I) > 1; I(fP)'(z)l = 1; I(fp)'(z)l < 1; and ( f p ) ' ( z )= 0.

Since our area criterion will depend only on the conformal geometry of X , it will also show F is of absolute area zero. A set A is nested inside an annulus B c @ if A lies in the bounded component of C - B. 16 Suppose El, E 2 , .. is a sequence of disjoint open sets i n the plane, such that 1. En is a finite union of disjoint unnested annuli of finite moduli; 2. a n y component A of En+1is nested inside some component B of En; and 3. for any sequence of nested annuli A,, where An is a component of E n , we have C mod(An) = oo.

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